Liquid Stone Coatings

Liquid stone coatings are the dispersed water phase of water-based latex paint, a continuous phase multiphase suspension composed of an aqueous protective glue solution. Liquid stone coatings are pure water-based paint, which meets environmental protection requirements. It is a pollution-free product during construction. Because it contains ultra-high molecular elements after the construction is completed and dried, it has the characteristics of antistatic, high-temperature resistance, acid rain resistance, waterproof, anti-cracking, high strength, and resistance to long-term changes in various climatic conditions. These performances can remain unchanged, easy to maintain and clean, excellent self-cleaning, multi-color spray coating at one time, and easy construction, therefore, it is an excellent water-resistant and weather-resistant coating material.

MikaZone™ cellulose ether is a necessary material for the preparation of liquid stone coatings and plays two roles:

● Provide base paint viscosity to facilitate granulation;
● Physically cross-link with protective glue to make the colorful particles hydrophobic.

MikaZone™ Product Recommendations

MikaZone™ grade​​


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MikaZone™ MK100HE


MikaZone™ MK100HEB


MikaZone™ MK30HE


MikaZone™ MK30HEB


hpmc for constructions in oil field


MikaZone™ cellulose ether products are essential additives in many construction materials.

hpmc for daily chemical detergent


MikaZone™ detergent grade cellulose ether is suitable for all kinds of daily chemical and detergent products.

hpmc for oil field

Oil Field

MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are highly suitable in different oilfield applications.

hpmc for ceramics


MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are used by the ceramic industry in various applications.