Drilling and Completion

Drilling refers to the installation of the well bore including casing strings, cement and surface well control equipment. Well completion is the process of making a well ready for production (or injection) after drilling operations.

At the initial exploration stages, drilling fluid is required to add pressure, support the weight of the drill and reduce friction.

If a well is commissioned, completion fluid is then required for cleansing, enabling the fitting of screen liner, reducing the risk of seepage, maximizing flow and generally readying the well for production.

MikaZone™ Hydroxyethyl Cellulose(HEC) High viscosity is mainly used as a thickening agent in completion fluids to obtain good fluidity and stability for the slurries, and low viscosity MikaZone™ Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC can work as a fluid-loss additive to prevent too much water in operating fluid from penetrating into the borehole wall, which can improve its stability.

MikaZone™ Product Recommendations

MikaZone™ grade​​


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MikaZone™ MK03HE


MikaZone™ MK60HE


MikaZone™ MK100HE


MikaZone™ MK100HEB


hpmc for constructions in oil field


MikaZone™ cellulose ether products are essential additives in many construction materials.

hpmc for daily chemical detergent


MikaZone™ detergent grade cellulose ether is suitable for all kinds of daily chemical and detergent products.

hpmc for oil field

Oil Field

MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are highly suitable in different oilfield applications.

hpmc for ceramics


MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are used by the ceramic industry in various applications.