Company Culture

Personality Traits

Society, Customer, State, Employee

Society Minded

Pay attention to people’s livelihood and social progress in rapid development, increase public welfare efforts and be a “socially responsible” corporate citizen;

Customer Minded

Develop the ideas that service is for future, make a strategic ally with customers, eye on long-term values, and customers are always our responsibility;

Employee Minded

Insist on people first, practice the idea of common development between the enterprise and employees, with a sense of belonging, great benefits

Corporate Values
Always Respect Nature and Truth! Go with Nature and Win the World with Virtue!

Development Concept
Motivated Development, Optimized Resources, Continuous Innovation, and Business Continuity!

Competition Concept
Innovate Standards, Go beyond Competition, Face the Greatest Rival of All—Yourself!

Customer-centric, meet customer expectations faster and better to create competitive strengths.

Quality control team

Talent Concept
Without Borders: Talent introduction and learning without borders. Fight for international talents, start global business and give full play to everyone’s potential; advocate continuous learning and adeptness in learning, encourage employees to tap their potential.

Non-equilibrium: Guide system and mechanism innovation with the “non-equilibrium” idea, develop talent employment and incentive mechanism, provide new platforms for the capable and bring the interests of the talents and the fate of the enterprise closer.

Natural Selection: The mechanism of natural selection and survival of the fittest.