The space between the tiles is called a “grout joint” and the filler in a grout joint is called “grout”. Tile grout(joint filler) is used to fill in the gaps between tiles and create a uniform look, as well as protect the surface, it will remain visible after the tile installation is complete. It plays an important role not only in improving the overall effect or contrast effect but also in enhancing the wall’s impermeability. For a good tile grouts product, rich and uniform color is the essential requirement, also should have the characteristics of low shrinkage, low porosity, easy operation, high early strength, and so on.

MikaZone™ MC products contribute to these properties in tile grouts/joint fillers:

  • Provide suitable consistency, excellent workability, and good plasticity
  • Ensure the proper open time of the mortar
  • Improve the cohesion of the mortar and its adhesion to the base material
  • Improve sag-resistance and water retention

MikaZone™ Product Recommendations

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MikaZone™ MK20P


MikaZone™ MK40P


MikaZone™ MK 40E


MikaZone™ MK 40EL


hpmc for constructions in oil field


MikaZone™ cellulose ether products are essential additives in many construction materials.

hpmc for daily chemical detergent


MikaZone™ detergent grade cellulose ether is suitable for all kinds of daily chemical and detergent products.

hpmc for oil field

Oil Field

MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are highly suitable in different oilfield applications.

hpmc for ceramics


MikaZone™ HE cellulose ether products are used by the ceramic industry in various applications.