What Are the Functions of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) in the Natural Stone Coatings?

What Are the Functions of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) in the Natural Stone Coatings?

Natural stone coating is a form of paint with a decorative effect like granite and marble. Natural stone coating is formulated in a variety of colors of natural stone powder, which is applied to the exterior walls of buildings to imitate the effect of stone, also known as imitation stone paint.

The functions of HEC in the natural stone coatings are as below.

  1.  To reduce adverse application effects

The application of HEC in the natural stone coating can prevent the excessive scattering of natural stone coating powders, increase the effective construction area, reduce the dosage and environmental pollution.

  1.  To achieve good product performance

After making natural stone coating products with HEC, consumers feel that the products have high viscosity, and the quality of the products is improved.

  1.  To achieve the strong anti-infiltration effect of topcoat

The product structure of natural stone coating made of HEC is tight, and the color and luster of the topcoat are unified during construction to relatively reduce the topcoat’s dosage. When the traditional thickeners (such as alkali swelling and the like) are made into the natural stone coating, its structure is relatively loose after construction molding, and its thickness and shape are different during construction. When used as a topcoat, the paint consumption increases, and the topcoat’s absorption is significantly different.

  1.  To achieve good water resistance and film-forming effects

The natural stone coating made of HEC has a strong adhesive force and good compatibility with emulsion, which makes the film denser and more compact, thus improving its water resistance and effectively preventing whitening during the rainy season.

  1.  To achieve the good anti-sinking effects

The natural stone coating made of HEC has a unique mesh structure, which can effectively prevent the powder from sinking so that the product can remain stable during transportation and storage to achieve a high-quality product opening effect.

  1.  To achieve convenient construction

During construction, the natural stone coating made of HEC has a certain fluidity to keep the color consistent, while at the same time not requiring high construction skills.

  1.  To achieve excellent mildew resistance

The unique polymerization structure can effectively prevent mold invasion. It is suggested to add some fungicides to ensure the improved effects.

MikaZone™ Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) is widely used in exterior wall coatings such as natural stone coating. Adding MikaZone™ Hydroxyethyl Cellulose can provide the following improvements to Natural stone coating:

  • Provide excellent leveling, reduce sagging, ripples, etc.
  • The perfect thickening effect, help to reduce the product dosage and improve the washability of the coating
  • Excellent fluidity and good splash resistance
  • Easy to disperse, effectively prevent agglomeration

If you need more information or a sample for the test, please CONTACT US. We can customize products and formulas as per your requirement.

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